What type of wax is used?

We use Coconut wax! You may have burned Paraffin or Soy wax candles previously. We do not use Paraffin because it is a by-product of Petroleum and is very unhealthy. We chose not to use Soy either due to its poor scent throw qualities and its unsightly looks. Which led us to Coconut wax. Coconut wax burns slowly, has excellent scent throw, and burns much cleaner...even cleaner than Soy! This wax does cost more per pound, but it is well worth it! And NO, your candle will NOT smell like coconuts!

What type of wick is used?

We use cotton wicks! Wicks with a lead core can be a health hazard. Lead-cored wicks release lead into the air during burning.

How are the candles scented?

We only use premium quality fragrance oils! Our fragrance oils are infused with essential oils and are always Phthalate Free! You may be wondering why we don't just use essential oils. Essential oils do not work the best in candles. The scent can be weak, burn off quickly, and they are also quite pricey.

How are your candles produced?

Lots of work by hand! We produce all candles from start to finish by hand. Pouring, labeling, packaging, shipping, and more! 

Where are your candles made?

Our candles are handmade in the state of Indiana!